These are the Best C Courses Available Online

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The C language is one of the modern, robust, and popular programming languages. C is used where flexibility and speed are the key factors, such as in high-performance computing. It is one of the most powerful languages in the realm. It is ordinarily in the prime 5 or 10 most popular and most widespread programming languages. If you want to learn how to code as a beginner or be a C developer, here are some recommended C courses for you.

1. C Programming For Beginners – Master the C Language – Udemy

C course 1

Check the course here:
Created by Tim Buchalka’s Learn Programming Academy, Jason Fedin
Rating: 4.4
Time: 24 hours (approx.)
It is one of the most engaging and comprehensive courses of the C language available online. This course will teach you all the fundamental principles of the C language. You will start up by setting up the development environment of C in your systems. Then, you will start learning the basics to the advanced topics in C. 
Topics to be covered:

  • Basics concepts of C
  • Variables and data types
  • Operators and Character Strings
  • Control Flow
  • Arrays and Functions
  • Pointers and Structures
  • File System and Debugging

Level: Beginner
Price: Paid (30-day money-back guarantee)

2. C Programming For Beginners – Udemy

C 2

Check the course here:
Created by Huw Collingbourne
Rating: 4.3
Time: 8 hours (approx.)
This course gives you a brief introduction to the C language and its fundamentals. You will learn C through the step-by-step idea of acquiring the C language and understand its special features. There are exercises provided at the end of each module to train your brain cells as you progress.
Topics to be covered:

  • C programming basics
  • Variables, constants, and types
  • Operators, Strings, Enum, Structs, and Pointers
  • Functions, Arguments, and Switch
  • Arrays and Loops
  • File Handling, Binary Files, and Memory allocation

Level: Beginner
Price: Paid (30-day money-back guarantee)

3. Introduction to Programming in C Specialization – Coursera

C course 3

Check the course here:
Offered by Duke University
Instructed by Andrew D. Hilton, Genevieve M. Lipp, Anne Bracy, Liz Wendland
Rating: 4.5
Time: 5 months (approx.)
It is a Coursera specialization that means it consists of 2 or more courses. You can take a single course at a time. It exhibits prominent programming fundamentals for apprentices who want to answer intricate enigmas by writing computer programs. This specialization consists of a ton of exercises and projects to practice.
Topics to be covered:

  • Programming Fundamentals of C
  • Writing, Running, and Fixing Code in C
  • Debugging in C
  • Pointers, Arrays, and Recursion
  • Interacting with the System and Managing Memory
  • Dynamic memory allocation in C

Level: Beginner
Price: Paid (financial-aid available)

4. C for Everyone: Programming Fundamentals – Coursera

C 4

Check the course here:
Offered by University of California, Santa Cruz
Instructed by Ira Pohl
Rating: 4.5
Time: 15 hours (approx.)
This course is well suited for those who are complete beginners or who have no prior knowledge of the C language. This course will give you a concise introduction to the C language. There is a final exam at the end of this course that will help you to evaluate yourself after completing it.
Topics to be covered:

  • Lexical Elements and Data Types
  • The flow of Control and Simple Functions
  • Advanced Functions and Recursion 
  • Arrays and Pointers

Level: Beginner
Price: Paid (financial-aid available)

5. C Programming: Getting Started – edX

C course 5

Check the course here:
Offered by Dartmouth_IMTx, Dartmouth College, IMT
Instructed by Petra Bonfert-Taylor, RĂ©mi Sharrock
Time: 5 weeks (approx.)
This course will get you started with the C language. You will get to know about the basics of C and how to do simple computations and store values. There is no need of downloading any editor for this; you can start coding instantly within your browser.
Topics to be covered:

  • Define, identify and furnish examples of hardware/software, computer programs/algorithms
  • Concept of variables – declare, initialize, and modify
  • Data types – int, double, and char
  • Creating and commenting simple C-programs 
  • Controlled formatting
  • Looping

Level: Beginner
Price: Free (certification Paid)

6. C Programming Tutorial for Beginners – Youtube

C course 6

Check the course here:
Offered by
Instructed by Mike Dane
Time: 4 hours (approx.)
This course is for you if you are a complete beginner in programming and want to acquire C as your first language. It is a fun course that will teach you the basics of C to important topics such as pointers, file systems, and more. It is absolutely free to access and learn programming in a pleasant way.
Topics to be covered:

  • Variables and Data Types 
  • Numbers, Comments, and Constants
  • Functions and Return Statement
  • If Statements and Switch Statements
  • Arrays and Structs 
  • While and For Loops 
  • 2D Arrays & Nested Loops 
  • Memory Addresses
  • Pointers and Dereferencing Pointers 
  • Writing and Reading Files

Level: Beginner
Price: Free


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