The 5 Best Online Logo Makers

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Designing a logo is very important because it establishes the brand identity and symbols who you are and what your brand wants to message.

It can be costly, and most of the time, when we are going to start the business, we opt for having good results with fewer expenses.

So here we are presenting you with some of the free logo makers that can honestly be a boon for you people.

1. Hatchful Logo Maker

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Click this link:

One of the intelligible logo makers, you can ever access & is free to use.

Just sign up for free, follow a few steps & your logo will be generated. No experience in designing needs. Choose your business type, its visual style, name of the logo, and can even add a slogan or a sub-title if you have any and in last where it will use. After this, different templates will generate, choose your preferred one and customize it by changing its fonts and colors.

2. Canva

Logo Maker 2

Click this link:

Canva is one of the best tools out there for creating logos, resumes, flyers, invitations, presentations, and many more.
They provide a ton of free templates for you to get started. There is a wide range of paid templates also.
You can customize almost everything to have the desired outcome. You can even upload your graphics, pictures if you want. One of the best features of canva is that it gives you suitable options to download your design as a PNG, JPG, or PDF.
And if you want to go with the paid version, you can always opt for Canva PRO. The best feature is that you can have a free trial of 30 days for Canva PRO and can cancel it anytime you want.

3. Fiverr Logo Maker

Logo Maker 3

Click this link:

Make a logo that matches your style and have it in just 5 min.
Edit your logo with easy-to-use tools as per your wish. Just name your business, style preferences, and values you want to generate through your logo. After this, a wide range of templates will appear, choose the one you like the most and customize it if you want to.
All the great works come with a cost.
Nevertheless, it costs less, which is $5 only.

4. Namecheap Logo Maker

Logo Maker 4

Click this link:

Make a professional logo within minutes for free.
Name your logo, pick up the style, font type, and color of your preference. You can add the slogan in the beginning or the ending, in the steps followed. Choose the icon you want in the logo; you can choose up to 3 representations of your choice. It is one of the highly customizable logo makers. Just sign up for free and download the logo.
You can share your logo with friends before downloading and can customize it.

5. Wix Logo Maker

logo maker 5

Click this link:

One of the most professional and customizable logo makers available online.
You can either make a logo by yourself or can hire a professional designer for you. Sign up first and then start making the logo by giving the name of the logo, its style, and type. Pick your preferred template and can customize it later. You can buy that logo for $20 with all the standard files, which is a basic plan, and can go for the advance plan for just $50.
Indeed, it is a perfect place where you can find a professional logo for your business.


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