These are the Best SQL courses for Beginners

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Marketers to analysts all depend on data analysis for their upcoming strategies. And, one of the best things to learn to be good in data analysis is SQL. It is a language that can be used to interact with databases that store data. As business intelligence is on a hike; it is necessarily important to learn SQL to have an upper hand on growing skills. Analyzing data can provide a strategic approach to modify the business strategy to gain profits. It is one of the great employable skills as data is increasing day by day. Whether it is for self-improvement or employment SQL is a good choice to opt for. Here are some SQL courses to help you to advance in your career:

1.The Complete SQL Bootcamp 2020: Go from Zero to Hero

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Check the course here:
Created by Jose Portilla
Ratings: 4.7
Time: 9 hours (Approx.)
In this course, you will start learning SQL with PostgreSQL and PgAdmin(two of the most used tools for SQL). This course includes assessments to practice as you go further.
Topics to be covered: 

  1. SQL statement fundamentals such as SELECT, WHERE, IN, BETWEEN, LIKE, etcetera.
  2. Usage of JOIN commands – Inner join and Outer join
  3. Advanced queries with string operations, comparison operations, and logical operations
  4. Creation of tables and databases with CREATE, INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE commands.
  5. Conditional expression and procedures

Level: Beginner
Price: Paid(30-day money-back guarantee)

2.The Complete Oracle SQL Certification Course

Check the course here:
Created by Imtiaz Ahmad
Ratings: 4.5
Time: 16 hours(Approx.)
Topics to be covered:

  1. Creating Tables with SELECT & UPDATE Data
  2. How to use the SELECT and WHERE Clause
  3. How to use WHERE, AND & OR with Operators
  4. Grouping Functions with GROUP BY and HAVING clause
  5. Joins – Inner and Outer Joins
  6. EXISTS & NOT EXIST Operators
  7. Usage of ALTER, DELETE, TRUNCATE, and DROP Commands
  8. System Tables, Pseudo Columns & Deleting Duplicates 
  9. Views and Other Objects and Commands 

Level: Beginner
Price: Paid(30-day money-back guarantee)

3.Microsoft SQL for Beginners

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Check the course here:
Created by Brewster Knowlton
Ratings: 4.5
Time: 4 hours (Approx.)
In this course, you will learn SQL with Microsoft SQL Server(a popular database engine). This course includes practice problems to reinforce your skills.
Topics to be covered:

  1. Usage of SELECT statement for querying the data
  2. Filtering the data with WHERE and sorting with ORDER BY
  3. Database design and normalization
  4. Joining the data from multiple tables
  6. Usage of aggregate functions
  7. Grouping of data with GROUP BY

Level: Beginner
Price: Paid(30-day money-back guarantee)

4.Learn SQL

Check the course here:–nd072
Ratings: 4.3
Time: Approx. 2 months(Approx.)
Prerequisites: Datatypes
This course is a nano degree course. It includes exercises for practicing newly learned skills.
Topics to be covered:

  1. How to execute SQL commands to manipulate, access, and define data
  2. Aggregate functions and JOIN command
  3. how to use subqueries and several window functions
  4. Build normalized, consistent, and performant relational data models
  5. DDL to create data schemas
  6. DML to migrate data from one schema to another schema
  7. Tradeoffs between relational databases and their non-relational counterparts
  8. About MongoDB and Redis

Price: Paid

5.Learn SQL Basics for Data Science Specialization

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Check the course here:
Offered by: University of California, Davis
Ratings: 4.1
Time: 4-6 months
Topics to be covered:

  1. Selecting and retrieving data from the database with SQL
  2. Filtering, Sorting and Calculating data with queries like WHERE, BETWEEN, IN, OR, ORDER BY, GROUP BY, etcetera.
  3. Subqueries and joins with multiple data resources
  4. Wrangling the data and creating of clean datasets
  5. A/B testing
  6. Spark and its key concepts
  7. Machine learning applications of Spark

This course has tons of exercises for practicing and improving your skills.
**Note:- This is a specialization course that means it is a combination of two or more programs. You can join one course at a time as per your yearning.
Level: Beginner
Price: Paid(financial aid available)

6.Analyze data with SQL

Check the course here:
Time: 6 weeks
Topics to be covered: 

  1. Basics of SQL database
  2. Querying the Data – To access data from the database.
  3. Calculate and Summarize data- with SQL toolset by aggregates and discovering insights
  4. Joining data – by joining multiple resources of data
  5. Going Off-Platform with SQL – Practicing commands in the local environment.
  6. Analyzing Real Data with SQL

Level: Beginner
Price: Paid

7.Learn SQL

SQL course banner

Check the course here:
Time: 7 Hours
Prerequisites: None
In this course, you will learn how SQL helps in understanding relational databases. This course includes quizzes and exercises to enhance your skills.
Topics to be covered:

  1. SQL commands to access, create, and update data
  2. Learn essential query keywords and functionality
  3. Aggregate Functions to perform complex database operations
  4. Creating and manipulating databases with multiple related tables

Level: Beginner
Price: Paid

8.Introduction to Structured Query Language (SQL)

Check the course here:
Offered By: University of Michigan
Instructor: Charles Russell Severance
Ratings: 4.8
Time: Approx. 16 hours to complete
Prerequisites: None
In this course, you will start by installing text editor, MAMP, or XAMPP and creating the SQL database. You will learn how to use PHPmyadmin. This course includes quizzes to practice and enhance your skill.
Topics to be covered:

  1. Introduction to SQL with basic syntax and querying the table
  2. Database designing with multiple tables, foreign keys, and JOIN operation.
  3. Many-to-many relationships within multiple tables

Level: Intermediate
Price: Paid


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