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These are the Best Go Courses Available Online

Go is an open-source programming language designed by Google. Go unites the serenity of programming of an interpreted, dynamically typed language with the competence and security of a statically typed, compiled language. It intends to be modern, with assistance for networked and multicore computing. It is designed to build fast, reliable, and efficient software at scale. Google uses Go particularly for its large networks of servers and Go powers much of the Google cloud platform. It can be used in the app and web development, operations, and infrastructure teams, and much more. Want to be an efficient Go developer with a high level of expertise, here are some top Go courses/Golang courses recommended for you. 1. Go: The Complete Developer’s Guide (Golang) – Udemy Check the course here: Created by Stephen Grider Rating: 4.6 Time: 9 hours (approx.) In this course, you will learn how to do an environment set up for Go. You will understand all the basic syntax of Go

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